We offer all the services you need when it comes to tires and tire maintenance.

Tire repair:
Keeping your tires inflated to the proper pressure can increase fuel mileage, extend the life of your tires and provide a smooth ride but when something bad happens like hitting a pothole your day can be ruined in a hurry.
Potholes can severely damage tires, rims and other parts of your vehicle.
A sudden loss of air pressure can even cause an accident!


Taking care of your tires is important!
When tires are run on low pressure there can be significant damage to the side wall and blistering can occur which could cause explosive decompression and send you off the road before you have time to react.
When your tires get low on air for any reason take your vehicle to Mex Tires for a complete inspection.
One of our  highly qualified technicians with years of experience will be happy to inspect your tires and can get you safely back on the road fast.
We will make sure there is no damage to the stem, rim, brakes, bearings and all the links to the frame to ensure your safety.

We have the newest equipment available to ensure the job is done right.

Front end alignment
Is your steering wheel pulling to one side?
This is an indication that your vehicle needs a front alignment.
Hitting a curb or a pothole even at low speed can throw your alignment out of adjustment.


The alignment should be checked and adjusted any time the vehicle has suffered any damage.
Something as small as a pothole can cause significant damage and reduce the life expectancy of your tires and should be done when ever your tires are rotated.

Tire Rotation
The life of your tires can be significantly extended by having them rotated every 12,000 miles.
Tires on the drive axle wear out faster than those that aren’t because they are pulling your vehicle.
Front wheel drive vehicles put even more pressure on the tires because of the twisting forces when the vehicle turns.


Regular tire maintenance can save you money over the long term.
The team at Mex Tires can advise you when it is time to have an alignment and will complete it to our high level standards to ensure your vehicle operates like new.

Call us today for the best price in town on these services.

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