Tires tires and more tires.

How do you choose the right tire for your vehicle?
You may have been driving for years on tires that aren’t right for you.
You can depend on the years of experience the team at Mex Tires has to help you choose the best tires at the best prices in the Milwaukee area.


Some tires are designed for high speed travel on dry roads while others perform better on wet pavement and slippery conditions.

Wide, low profile tires may look great on a sporty vehicle which can accelerate faster than anything else on the road on a warm summer day but when winter comes the reduction in weight per square inch where the rubber meets the road may leave the same car stuck in the snow.

Tires that are more narrow put less rubber on the road but have higher pounds per square inch where it counts. They move water out of the way faster and can deliver better traction in wet and snowy conditions.

Finding the proper balance between your summer and winter needs is just one of the things we are very good at.

Price isn’t the only factor and really not the most important when considering your tire purchase.

After we determine what your style of driving is and the width of the tire that will deliver the best performance we will find the best tire within your budget that will offer the best value.

Our team will find the best price on the top brands in Milwaukee.

Call us or come in today.

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